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9 Ways to Stand Out in the Crowd in a World Full of Experts

If you’ve hung up your shingle in the online world chances are you’re pretty good at what you do.

Some might call you an expert.

But then, it seems we’re all experts today.

We’re bombarded with ‘expert’ opinions on the news.

In the media. Online. Everywhere!

Even people who might not consider to be an expert are experts.

Not convinced?

Here’s a snap of a truck I took outside a pub at the Borough Market recently.


To save you squinting, on the side of the truck in front of a photo with their staff it says “It’s not just a drinks delivery, it’s a truckload of expertise”.

Are they kidding? They’re just dropping off some booze at the local battlecruiser.

But still, they’re presenting themselves to the world as experts in the logistics of beverage distribution.

So back to that shingle you’ve hung out.

If everyone’s calling themselves an expert, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Calling yourself an expert will sound “me too” at best, or make you invisible at worst.

The solution?

Don’t call a spade-a-spade.

Call it a ‘manually operated soil displacement apparatus’.

You want to convey the same concept or impression but by saying in it a very different way.

Even better,you want to have the right tools at your disposal to make the whole task easier and faster.

Here’s an example I saw outside Marylebone tube station recently.

Were_all_experts_now_cabbie Were_all_experts_now_truck

On the side of the cab, with a pointed finger  it says “This guy knows London like the back of his hand”.

Now to be fair, London Cabbies posses The Knowledge, and are renowned for their intimacy with London’s back streets and alleyways.

But the point is the advert doesn’t say this cabbie has an expert knowledge of London streets or that he’s an expert driver.

Experts are cliché.

Besides, he’s far more experienced than that! He knows London streets so well, he knows them “like the back of his hand”.

9 Expert Formulas to Stand Out from the Crowd

Here’s 9 formulas you can use to stand out in the crowd and convey your expertise in a world full of experts.

Swipe whichever one suits your situation the best.

Just copy. Tweak. Voila!

_______ have combined their talents

Two heads are better than one. This formula shows how your talents are strengthened further by a collaboration.

This is a great formula to swipe if you work in a partnership. This could be between your business and another; renowned members of your own team or, even better, between experts previously considered to be adversaries.

Here’s an example:

Bassist Mike Smith and trumpet virtuoso Tom Wesson have combined their talents to form a harmonic duo that will mesmerise you.

_______ is our business

This formula implies that you are a specialist and with that comes a depth of knowledge, experience or a product range not available with a generalist competitor.

Some companies like Toys’R’Us even used their business name to emphasise that expertise.

Toys’R’Us were previously a generalist department store who changed their name and their entire focus after realising their only truly profitable department was toys.

Here’s an example:

Your health is our concern; after all nutrition is our business.

_______ – meister

‘Meister’ originates from the German for ‘master’ although it’s exact translation depends on the context.

Meister is also used casually in English as a compound noun. For example, a “puzzle-meister” would be someone highly skilled at solving puzzles.

Use meister when a more hip or trendy portrayal of expertise is required.

Referring to a dentist as a tooth-meister has less credibility than a DJ who’s a spin-meister.

Here’s an example:

DJ Eric Stone is the spin-meister of ‘80s rock

(admittedly I’m giving my age away with this example)

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Your expertise has been recognised by third-parties by virtue of the awards that you, your company or product have won.

Essentially you’re letting everyone else say what an expert you are. They’re effectively testimonials given by third parties.

Milk this one for all it’s worth and remember to include images of the awards – even wine bottle labels do this.

Here’s an example:

Our award-winning journalists will ensure you’re up-to-date with all the breaking news.

endowed with _______

‘Endowed’ suggests your expertise is something innate and cannot easily be replicated.

This is supremely suitable for demonstrating your expertise in creative or artistic endeavours.

You’ve either got it or you haven’t; and you’ve got it, baby.

You could also use “flair for _______” as an alternative.

Here’s some examples:

SlimPlus is endowed with 12 naturally growing, rare herbs which …


A virtuoso of classical guitarist with a flair for improvisation, Juan will mesmerise you with his masterly skill.

meticulously engineered

Your technical expertise is expressed through the precision and attention to detail in your engineering.

Suited to products where engineering quality is a major selling point.

Here’s an example:

Wesson power-tools are meticulously engineered for power, agility and endurance.

professional, experienced staff

Here you are leveraging two concepts to emphasise your expertise.
First your staff are professionals suggesting your product or service is delivered to a high standard achieved by a formally recognised education or training.
Secondly that professionalism is backed-up by experience not just theory.

Here’s an example:

Our professional, experienced staff will guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you have.

pioneers in _______

You’re not just an expert in your field but one of the pioneers who started it. You may not have been the first, but being a pioneer allows you to be at the forefront.

Similar to the ‘we pioneered the _______’ formula, this frames you as an innovator.

To be credible, this needs to be consistent with your market positioning. Kodak ‘pioneered’ digital photographing in the mid-1970s but are not considered a leading player in that area now.

Here’s an example:

As pioneers in sound technology our range of exceptional Wesson headphones will impress the most discerning audiophile.

we’re totally obsessed with _______

As Winston Churchill once quipped, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”.

This formula is particularly suitable for markets where your customers are fanatical or aficionados such as with golf or cigars (although there’s many others. ComicCon anyone?).

This formula connects with your market showing that you’re one of them.

Even better if you can show that your staff is made up of people with the same obsession (take a look at an Apple Store).

Here’s an example:

Like you, we’re totally obsessed with pure sound quality, which is why we test all our headphones ourselves against everything from Vivaldi to Van Halen.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to swipe these and use them as your own.

Just copy. Tweak. Voila.

But these are just the tip of the iceberg . . .

Need to Show Customers
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Grab this FREE 35-page swipe file with fill-in-the-blank formulas for 75 ways to stand out from the crowd in a World full of 'experts'

  • Dozens of examples and fill-in-the-blank formulas.
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