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Hi, my name is Marcus,

I’m the Rebel Leader here at Copy-Fast. 

Actually, that was pretty lame. I'm not really a Rebel Leader.

I simply help small businesses & solopreneurs promote their business. 

One word at a time.

I do this by providing you with an arsenal of writing productivity tools so you can write engaging emails, sales letters, landing pages & blog posts (a.k.a. “copy”) faster. 

Maybe you’re here because at some point in writing an email, sales letter or blog post you thought...

I've been staring at this blank page for ages / hours / days (check all which apply). How can I break through writer’s block and get this thing started (let alone finished)?

Meh! My emails or sales pages are bland and uninspiring. I know what I want to say but I'm stuck finding the right words.
Where can I find some great examples of what to write (and quickly swipe them for myself)?

I’m stuck for ideas. I’ve been “brainstorming” for hours but all I’ve achieved is a headache. How the beep (insert favorite expletive) can I get my creative juices flowing?

If, you’ve studied people who were great at writing a sale pitch (y’know, copywriters) you’ll discover that they didn't just plonk themselves at the keyboard, martini in hand (shaken, not stirred) and let the persuasive prose flow.

No. They had a method behind their madness.

They have tools, techniques and resources to construct their emails and sales copy. Everything from proven headline formulas and structured templates through to an extensive swipe file library.

Here’s what Dan Kennedy - one of the world’s highest paid copywriters and author of dozens of books including The Ultimate Sales Letter – had to say on the matter:

Writing copy that sells is not a creative act so much as it is mechanical process, adhering to formulas, and assembling essential component parts within a reliable framework.

He's not the only one.

Veteran copywriter Bob Bly - author of over 70 books including the industry classic The Copywriter's Handbook - put it this way:

Structure is key: if your copy does not follow the formula for persuasion, it won’t work … no matter how creative you get.

In that spirit (the esprit de corps not the martini) Copy-Fast produces surprisingly simple yet ridiculously effective writing productivity tools so you can:

Overcome writer's block

Get your creative juices flowing

Write great emails, sales letters, blog posts, marketing material (you get the idea) fast

Who am I?

I'm a software developer – that’s right, a geek – who fell into copywriting through sheer necessity building my online business of productivity tools for professionals and small business owners.

With a background in marketing, I've spent 20 years developing Microsoft Office productivity tools for busy & frustrated professionals (sound like anyone you know?) in some of the world's largest companies through to one-man bands.

Marcus and Oscar of Copy-Fast

The whole team at Copy-Fast gathered for this intimate corporate photo.

Here I am with Oscar, a Cavachon, who’s in charge of Staff Morale.

That’s me on the left 🙂 

Stick around.

Read a few of the articles.

Download some of the freebies.

And if you're feeling really adventurous and if you're determined to boost your writing productivity & creativity (rather than just moan about it) take a look at Copy-Fast.

It'll be the most productive tool in your writing toolbox.